The Game: Turns Strangers Into Friends

Strangers no more.

What is it about watching a game that can turn total strangers into friends in one single afternoon?   Maybe there should be a name for it but there’s certainly nothing like cheering for the same team to bring people together.  
You’ve seen it.   In the stadium seats complete strangers are high-fiving and giving each other hugs when something goes their way.     In the local bar, all of a sudden a total stranger is buying a round of drinks for people he or she just met that afternoon.    Tailgaters in the parking lot are sharing food with folks who wander by.

This thing that happens seems to combine “sports” with “camaraderie” so let’s call it “sports-raderie.”

Whatever it’s called, it happens all the time.  

At the Backyard Bistro, we have fans of several college and pro teams coming together at our place to cheer their favorite team through thick and thin.    We’re conveniently located right across the street from the PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC, so lots of folks come in to enjoy good food, great drink specials, and watch the games on our big screen high-def TVs.  Oh yeah.

Proudly, we are the official home of the Chicago Bears Fan Club, the Triangle Patriots Fans, the New York Giants Fan Club, and Cary Browns Packers, Red Sox Nation, Carolina Hurricanes fans and of course NCSU Wolfpack fans!

We also sponsor two of the major NCSU football tailgates – the Alumni Association and the Varsity Club and Wolfpack Football Parents’ Association.     

We’re practically sports headquarters so if you can’t get tickets to the game, come hang out with us and meet some new friends.    

Check out our fabulous menu and specials on game-day that will keep you on schedule. 

Having a big superbowl party?  Let us cater it for you!

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