7 Tailgating Tips from Backyard Bistro

Deep Into Football Season

It’s mid-November and we’re deep into football season.   Maybe you’re a seasoned tailgater or maybe this is your first season.    Either way, we want your tailgating experience to be fun, enjoyable and as stress free as possible. 
See Backyard Bistro Tailgating MenuSince we are located just across the street from Carter-Finley stadium in Raleigh NC, home of the NC State Wolfpack, we are a little biased as to who our favorite team is, but we think all you sports fans out there, no matter who your favorite team is,  can appreciate our tailgating tips.

There are, of course, the obvious common sense tips such as:  arrive early, stay late, plan ahead, do food prep ahead of time, and clean up after yourselves.   

We wanted to give you a list of tips that went beyond the obvious and we think you’ll appreciate these.

Our 7 Favorite Tailgating Tips:

  1. Laminate your checklist.    Of course you experienced tailgaters out there have a checklist you use to pack up at game-time.   Did you ever think about laminating your list?   That way you can check off items with a dry erase marker as they are packed then wipe the list clean when you are done.   Genius!
  2. Special storage bins just for items you use for tailgating.   Items for storage bins could include your cooking utensils, paper towels, table cloths, rain gear, etc.  You get the picture.   It takes the stress out of preparation year after year and game to game.
  3. Label  food and drink coolers.   If you use separate coolers for food and drink, label them so that folks looking for beverages don’t end up constantly opening up your food cooler. 
  4. Empty container for dirty dishes.   Look around at what you use in the way of utensils and dishes at your tailgate party and note how many of these will come back home dirty.   Take along a container that is big enough for you to throw these dirty dishes in and haul them back home for clean up after the game. 
  5. Bring your own cup.   There’s nothing more confusing than a sea of red Solo cups that all look alike.   Yes, you can write your name on them but what would be better is to bring your own unique, colorful, huge-if-you-like cup!    That way you don’t end up sharing a drink with someone unintentionally.   
  6. Know the rules.    It’s just smart to know what you’re allowed to do and not do in your particular parking lot.    ‘Nuf said.     
  7. Our favorite tip – Anti-Insect cupcake liner lids.   Anyone who tailgates in the south when it’s warm can appreciate this tip.  (The bees seem to love your drink as much as you do.)  Not to mention that it’s super-easy.  Cut down a cupcake liner to the size of your cup and voila!

 Backyard Bistro Tailgating 

For those of you who aren’t very big on planning and preparation, the Backyard Bistro has a way for you to enjoy tailgating too!   Did you know we have a full tailgate menu?   Take a look!  We have all sorts of tailgate packages to choose from.   You need to order at least 48 hours in advance but how convenient!  

Don’t have tickets to the game?  Stop in the Backyard Bistro and watch the game on our large tv screens that are everywhere!   We’ll bring your food right to your table.  No preparation on your part is required. After all, we are a full service sports bar!

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